When Jesus wanted to teach people and his followers, he did it with stories and parables. When He preached to a group of fishermen, he used examples and stories relevant to fishing. To a group of shepherds, he used stories in the context of shepherding. And to a group of vine growers, he used examples related to vineyards. In this Sunday Gospel, Jesus used the parable related to planting seeds probably because most of his listeners, during this particular occasion, were farmers. This simple approach is a clear manifestation that Jesus, an efficient teacher, was never out of context. He tried to contextualize the good news in the lives of the listeners. And people were able to understand with ease because he was speaking not only in the realm of knowledge but also in the realm of faith.

What does the parable tell us who are living in a totally different time and context? The parable is telling us that God’s message is already revealed to us in the ordinary events of daily life. It is intertwined in the fabric of our daily experiences and realized through our daily encounters in whatever profession or work we may have. God’s word is embedded in our day to day experience. The point is, we should no longer wait for miracles or extraordinary events for us to confirm and experience the saving word of God. It is already being revealed to us in the ordinary events of our daily life. All we need to learn is how to look at everything from the eyes of faith so that we will discover and learn what God is telling us. Many of us fail to see this because we are constantly blinded by what we want rather than what God wants us to be. We have been blinded by so many distractions that in most cases we can no longer distinguish our needs from our wants. They are constantly mixed up because of our mixed up and distorted views.

In this light, with a humble heart and contrite spirit, we continue to ask for enlightenment that the Holy Spirit may continue to guide our path and understanding. That we may continue to journey with a fervent hope that God may direct our thoughts and actions according to his will. Let us be reminded that without God we can do nothing but with God we can do everything. This is the best disposition to live our Christian faith and understand the many mysteries that God reveals to us. God bless!

I have something NEW for you to ponder in this portion of my corner: A JOKE FROM ST. JOE... A preacher was some sort of bragging to his congregation. He said: “I have a scripture text everything that happens under the sun.” Just when he opened his big mouth a horse fly flew into it. Someone in the congregatioon spoke loud: “Do you have a text from the Scripture for that?” “Certainly,” he said. “he was a stranger and I took him in.” Oh! Yeah...

The fourth week of July has the celebrations of the feast of St. James, the Apostle, the brother of John and called “the Greater” on the 25th; the memorial of Ss. Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mother Mary and grandparents of Jesus Christ on the 26th, and the 29th as the feast day of St. Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin.

Your Priest—Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie