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Posted by John Sage on 2/24/18

The TRANSFIGURATION---what a showcase! Jesus was at the center stage of everything – resplendent, glorious and pure. Then appeared as supporting actors Moses and Elijah – long dead, but transported back to life to give witness to the greatness of Jesus. Moses was Israel’s lawgiver, but here is the ... Read More »


Posted by John Sage on 2/17/18

In this Sunday’s Gospel we read that the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness. This was the same Holy Spirit who had encouraged Jesus when He was baptized in the Jordan River. At that time, the Spirit descended upon him like a dove. Then a voice from heaven was ... Read More »


Posted by John Sage on 2/10/18

The Bible’s version of the homeless, and dirty beggars of today is none other than the LEPER. He, too, was avoided and despised because his scourge carried the stigma of sin and divine punishment. The Old Testament reading today advised people on how to isolate the leper in society. ... Read More »


Posted by John Sage on 2/03/18

In our Gospel narrative, we immediately notice the healing miracles that Jesus performed: Simon’s mother in-law who was cured from a fever, those healed from various diseases, and the demons expelled from those who were possessed. However, let us shift our attention to a prior action that was also ... Read More »