MINISTRY NAME:  Hospitality/Greeters

DESCRIPTION:  Composed of St. Joseph parishioners who wish to give of their time and talent to welcome parishioners and visitors and provide a caring environment for other parishioners.  This ministry can be performed by individuals or couples.

MISSION/VISION:  Create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for all Parishioners and Visitors and to reach out to new Parishioners.


Greet and Welcome everyone entering for Mass

Assist with Social Functions
Call and visit new Parishioners
Host receptions for new Parishioners

TRAINING:  No Training is required.  Friendly nature for welcoming and reaching out to parishioners, especially new ones, is a plus.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Assisting with quarterly functions for new Parishioners.  Calling and visiting new Parishioners on an as needed basis.  Committee planning meeting as needed.

CONTACT INFO:  Sandy Hays ( or Jeane Cota (