Legion of Mary

Ministry Name:  Legion of Mary


Description:  The Legion of Mary is the largest world-wide lay organization of men and women who bring Christ to others.  It is active in most countries of the world.  The 100th anniversary was on 7 September 2021.  The Legion has served the Phoenix area for 75 years.  Pope St John Paul II says "It is not enough to discover Christ; you must bring Him to others."


Mission/Vision:  An organization to express gratitude by giving a gift of time.  One can serve the Church in a time of great need and share the treasures of the Catholic Faith.


Volunteer Opportunities:  Depending on the size of each presidium (the smallest Legion unit of 4 to 12 or more people), the various works of the Legion include: 

Promoting the Rosary             Works of mercy            Home visitations           

Hospital and care center visitations          Home enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Training:   Two branches exist in each presidium:  Auxiliary and Active members 


Auxiliary members are expected to say the prayers of the Tessera every day.  This includes a Rosary plus allied prayers.  Depending on how quickly one can do this, it could take 1 - 2 hours of one's time.  The Rosary and prayers can be broken up throughout the day, they don't all have to be said at the same time.


Active members recite The Catena Legion is prayers (a small part of the Tessera) each day which takes 4 - 6 minutes.  Each Presidium has these officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Officers often learn to do by doing plus reading the requirements in the Legion Handbook.  Non officers really don't have any training. 


Time Commitment:  Active members meet once a week for an hour.  Active members also attend the monthly meeting called the Comitium; the Tessera is prayed by all attendees at this meeting and all other business is attended to so the time commitment is usually about 3 hours per month.  There is also the Acies once per year that has been meeting at St Mary's Basilica downtown Phoenix.  After the Acies which can take 1 - 2 hours, there's a big celebration for all attendees.            


Since auxiliary members don't attend the weekly meetings or do the works of the Legion, they do their part by praying the prayers of the Tessera every day.  They can attend the Comitium if they so choose.  They are encouraged to attend the Acies. 

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Contact Information:   

Sandra Wright (President), 602. 918.0158 (c), 602.867.8025 (h), email:  wawright4@yahoo.com

Vice President Tom Koncel, 602.862.8534 (c), email:  tkoncel@yahoo.com