Eucharistic Adoration Ministry

MINISTRY NAME:  Eucharistic Adoration Ministry

DESCRIPTION:  An invitation to Adoration and Worship of Jesus Christ in the Exposed Blessed Sacrament. The Adoration Chapel is open from 6am to 9pm, 7 days a week, except on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

MISSION/VISION:  Strengthen your personal relationship with our Lord by dedicating quiet quality time and be with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  Being in Adoration allows individuals to listen and experience God’s graces without distractions.


  1. Be a Committed Adorer for the same one hour of your choice every week.
  2. Be a Substitute Adorer for those who are not available to fill their time.
  3. Be an “Hourly Captain” to manage the hour.

TRAINING:  No training is required for an adorer other than an initial orientation meeting with the Hourly Captain or Coordinator on procedures and responsibilities.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Only one hour a week. On the few occasions when you are unable to go, inform the second adorer (if there is one) or get a substitute adorer. If unable to get a substitute adorer, contact the Hourly Captain.

CONTACT INFO:  Leave a message for Christine Liberato ( or 602.803.0858); Linda Yee ( or 602.996.5153)


For more information on Adoration visit our Adoration tab here.