Charismatic Prayer Group

MINISTRY NAME:  Charismatic Prayer Group

DESCRIPTION:  Dedicated group of individuals who promote the understanding and manifestation of the innate gifts of the Holy Spirit within each baptized Christian.

MISSION/VISION:  The mission of the Charismatic Group is to spread understanding and worship of the third person of the Holy Trinity -the Holy Spirit in order that the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit may be expressed and nourished for the benefit of the whole church and for the greater glory of God.


Charismatic prayer group meet once per quarter for Praise and Worship.  All interested persons interested in experiencing the power if the Holy Spirit are welcome to participate.  The charismatic group also arranges and sponsors at least one special healing mass each year which feature "laying of the hands" by a Healing priest to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual difficulties.

TRAINING:  Must have received baptism by the Holy Spirit and participate in continuing trainings and conferences on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Members participating in the healing ministry must go through formal healing training.

TIME COMMITMENT:  No more than one-two hours at each meeting.

CONTACT INFO:  Christine Liberato ( or 602.803.0858) or Dolly Maitzen ( or 602.867.8155)