MINISTRY NAME:  Sacristans

DESCRIPTION:  Adult parishioners who are responsible for setting up the liturgical elements; these include vessels used for Eucharist, altar linens, candles, to name a few.

MISSION/VISION:  Committed to supporting the good order of all Eucharistic Celebrations. 


Needed at all Saturday and Sunday Masses as scheduled and also at Holy Day Masses and any other extra liturgies by individual availability


TRAINING:  Training is scheduled on an as-needed basis and takes place in the Sacristy and Sanctuary of the Church and normally takes approximately thirty minutes plus a supervised session at an actual Mass. 


TIME COMMITMENT:  Serving at least at one Mass per month.  Meet as needed.

CONTACT INFO:  Don Mohrmann (917.796.2950 or or John Prosek (602.513.9755 or