Sir Thomas More was an outstanding layman who lived in 1478 and was the layman who was the first layman to be appointed Lord Chancellor of England, next in authority to King Henry VIII. The king had More beheaded in 1535. 400 years later the Catholic Church canonized him as St. Thomas More. The film entitled “A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS” is a portrayal of his saintly life. His home was an ideal home – his church helped his home and his home helped his church.

My suggestion is to do something like that. Whether or not you can attend any or all the services in Church these coming days, try to keep the Holy Week in your home. Start on Palm Sunday. Put your blessed palms in prominent place; for example, in a vase on the table or altar. Talk about what it means – we honor Christ as King who comes with the crowd of the First Palm Sunday

Between now and Holy Thursday family and meal prayers should be more meaningful and devout. You can tell a small passage of the story of Christ’s Passion and Death, as told to us several times this week. On Holy Thursday make a special effort to have the family eat together. At the meal, the father, if present, should remind everyone of what took place on the first Holy Thursday. Jesus began the first Holy Mass; for the first time

Jesus gave us Himself in Holy Communion; Our Lord also established the Catholic Priesthood. Pray for all our priests especially at the Chrism Mass. Every truly catholic home must have a crucifix. Clean, shine and put it a different place this Good Friday emphasize its meaning: it tells of the death of Jesus for all of us. Stand or kneel for a moment and pray before it: “Jesus, you did this for me...I will do something for you. Above all, I will try to appreciate the Holy Mass more; it brings Holy Thursday and Good Friday alive for me.”

On Saturday light a candle in some prominent place at home to represent Christ, the Light of the world, who lights up every grave in the world. Attend the Easter Vigil Mass and extend its meaning at home. Yes, your home is a church. Celebrate the Holy Week in it. Try also to be at Church activities on their schedules. Do everything possible to remember the tremendous truths we relive during this holy week and BE MORE HOLY. God bless you.

The Call to Stewardship: The Christ–centered way of living has its beginning in Baptism, the sacrament of faith. As Vatican II remarks, all Christians are “bound to show forth, by the example of their lives and by the witness of their speech,” that the new life of faith which begins in Baptism and is strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation (Ad Gentes no.11)

Of the 52 weeks of the year, this is the holiest and is why it is called HOLY WEEK. Let us as much as possible set a time to experience the holiness of Christ and put it into our life during these seven days. Have an opportunity for your confession in the three days set aside after the 8AM Mass from Monday to Wednesday. Be aware and always see the schedules for the Triduum celebration leading to Easter. This is all for now, watch the bulletin. Advance Happy Holy Week to all.

Your Priest – Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie