Jun 30, 2018

This Sunday, the Gospel gives us two stories. Two women needed help; one was an adult, the other a young girl. Two maladies were brought at the feet of Jesus and He worked two miracles of love in a single day. Here we witnessed what is called sandwiching or technically “intercalation,” in which one short story is inserted into a longer narrative about Jesus’ adventures.

In the first story, Jesus heals the adult woman almost unconsciously. He felt that power leave his body but he did not know who touched him because of the crowd pressing on him. The woman, however, boldly touched Jesus in faith. It was this faith that healed her. In the second story, Jesus resuscitates or raises to life a dead young girl. This marvel happened through the intercession of Jairus, the father of the young girl. What does this Gospel reveal? Healings are not mechanical actions in the life of the Lord. He did not go about automatically healing all the sick. The healing power of Jesus flowed into the life of people through a living dialogue of faith between God and the sick. God is always willing to heal our infirm bodies, our feeble souls, and our sick world. But we need to put our trust in this power.

The miracles of healing and raising from the dead show the power of Jesus over life. He alone has the power to bestow fullness of life and eternal life. As Catholic Christians, we affirm this not only with our minds but also with our hearts. On this rests our hope. The woman in the Gospel, gives us a formula for healing. Touch Jesus. No sensational action here. Just touch him in faith. Believe in his love for you and trust in his help. This simple faith works miracles in many lives.

What about death? It is more difficult to deal with death because then you are truly at a loss. No amount of money, no human authority can stem the advent of death. Those of us who experienced the death of a loved one know we cannot even hasten our own recovery. You never get over it. You just learn to live with it. But there is an answer to all this pain. There is a remedy to sickness. There is a solution to death. Put your trust in the Lord and allow Him to visit you in time of sickness and at the moment of death. He has the power to restore the fullness of life. He alone has the power to lead us to eternal life.

#49. A HUMOR ON HEALING WATER: How do different faiths make holy and healing water? Rabbi: “We dip the sacred scripture in a bowl of water.” The Catholic Priest: “We put the water in a container, touch it and pray over it” Protestant Minister: “We just boil the water and get the hell out of it.”

July 1 is Canada Day and it is observed on a Monday. The 3rd is the feast of St. Thomas, one of the 12 Apostles and also known as the ‘Doubting Disciple’. July 4this the 242nd Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of USA. The 6th is the optional memorial of St. Maria Goretti and the First Friday of the Month. The 7th is the First Saturday of July and the optional memorial of the BVM. Our devotion Mass for Our Lady Of Fatima is 9AM followed by a benediction and a little fellowship with coffee and donuts immediately after the mass. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin. God Bless You All! And God bless America...

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie