Parish Update

Church Rebuild Update: September

Temporary Facility

 Father Reggie sends his deepest gratitude to everyone who helped prepare Ascension Hall for the Golden Jubilee.  It was a heroic effort that paid off big time!  The removal of the interior walls, fresh paint and interior touches including the new chairs really brought it all together

Now that the interior is almost done, the design team is focused on a potential new drop off area and sidewalk modifications to ensure unrestricted access.

New Church

The advisory group met with the architect on July 24th in a visioning meeting and the design team walked away with very good information that will be incorporated in the new design. Preliminary plans are firming up and our contractor is verifying that we are still within budget.  As soon as pricing can be confirmed, the initial design will be ready for prime time viewing.  A couple of take-aways from the meeting was the need for a covered mingling space after Mass that has become a large part of our parish and the incorporation of an Adoration Chapel with secure evening access.   The new church will be a cruciform design with a more traditional southwest mission flavor including bell towers. It will have a similar seating capacity of our former church (+500) with larger bathrooms and dedicated confessional for both conventional and face to face. 

30-Day Look-ahead

Preliminary plans for the new church will be submitted to the City of Phoenix on or about September 3rd for initial review.  The contractor will verify construction costs and a town hall meeting will be scheduled for mid to late September where the design of the New St Joseph Church will be presented.

Site plans are also scheduled to be completed for the modified drop off for Ascension Hall.  Construction for this work has yet to be scheduled but hope to be completed yet this year.

Reconstruction Donations.

Father Reggie wishes to thank all those who have pledged their treasure for the reconstruction of St Joseph Catholic Church. To date, the office has received over $166,000 in financial donations. In addition, numerous individuals with giant hearts have stepped forward with commitments to help underwrite the cost of furnishings and features.  As the plans are finalized, the office will release a list of items, large and small, that will need your support, and which you can help sponsor.  Expect this list sometime after the first of the year. 

Note:  Many have asked about the Tree of Life……..yes, it will be replaced!


More updates to come. 

Peace & Blessings