Our readings today support our Christian practice of remembering the saints and our departed (November 1 & 2). And in a special way, it gives us a chance to review what we really believe to be the meaning of Heaven, which is our goal to reach one day.

In today’s Gospel, I can hear a lot of you blurting out: “What – no marriage in heaven?” What priest has not had to answer questions like these: “Will there be golf courses in Heaven? Will there be TV’s, beer, casinos, sports cars or what have you in Heaven? One priest, half in jest, gave this answer: If a golf course is absolutely necessary for your complete happiness in Heaven, then God will provide you one.”

Actually, this answer, as well as the question, show a common lack of knowledge of what heaven is like. The happiness of Heaven means that: We will see God ‘face to face’ (1 Cor. 13, 12) and ‘as He is’ (1 Jn.3, 2) we call this the “Beatific Vision,” the happy vision of sight of God. We will love God. We will be drawn to Him with every energy and will full devotion. We will praise Him passionately. We will enjoy God. Here on earth we enjoy love, beauty, knowledge, all power, all goodness, and all joy – these we will enjoy to the full. But how the sports cars, golf course, casinos, drinks – and marriage?

Our bodies in Heaven will be glorified bodies. St. Paul explains that the bodies we have in Heaven will be different from our earthly bodies as a full grown plant is different from the seed that started the plant. “What is sown (buried) a natural body rises (is resurrected) a spiritual body” (1 Cor. 15:44). A glorified body has no need for food or drink or marriage. Instead of the pleasures of appetite and marriage, there will be greater pleasures. Again, St. Paul tells about it: “Eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, what things God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Cor. 2, 9).

We pray for these pleasures at Mass. The Mass gives us some idea of the difference between earth and heaven. In a few moments we will offer bread and wine to the heavenly Father. A few moments later, through his priest, the heavenly Father will offer to you and me those earthly things, changed into the true Body and the true Blood of His Son in Holy Communion. What a difference! What a greater Gift Communion is that than mere bread and wine. Our dead, dark and weak bodies will take on life, brightness and power. May this Holy Mass help to make us worthy of that heavenly change! God Bless!

Key Concepts: The Staff especially the paid staff are responsible for coordinating all stewardship and development activities, including stewardship educational programs and updating long range plans; developing and implementing communication strategies; organizing fund raising efforts for annual, capital, and endowment purposes and soliciting major gifts.

This week is National Vocation Awareness Week and so we pray for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life. November 8 is our Election Day; vote according to the good conscience God has given you. On the 9th we celebrate the feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. The next three days are the memorials of three great Saints namely; St. Leo the Great, St. Martin of Tours and St. Josophat.

Remember to pray for the souls our departed relatives and Poor Souls in Purgatory every day in the month of November. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin.

Your Priest – Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie