Charles Lamb lived in England 200 years ago. For 33 years he had a humdrum job as a clerk in a shipping office. Nevertheless, he became a recognized writer, known especially for his gentle humor, tender sympathy, and rare devotion for his family and friends. One evening several of his friends gathered in Lamb’s home to discuss literary topics, like how would we feel if we would speak face to face with some of the world's great writers who had passed away. Someone suggested: “How would we feel if Dante were to enter this room, he who wrote the ‘Divine Comedy’ about heaven, hell and purgatory. Another added, “Suppose Shakespeare and many others come.” Lamb exclaimed, “I would embrace them all with joy.” Finally someone declared, ”Suppose that Jesus Christ were to enter this room.” The face of Charles Lamb became very serious as he remarked, “Of course, we would all fall upon our knees.” That is the difference between Christ and all the other great men of history. Christ is GOD; all the others are mere men.

In today’s Good News Jesus asks his apostles: “Who do men say that I am?” Our Lord ask the same question to us: “Who do you say that I am?” This most important question of all time each of us must answer. Consider the answers of those who think Christ was a mere man. Some describe Jesus as a faith-healer who cured all kinds of sickness and decease. How He did it they cannot say, but they stop short of admitting He did it because He was God. Others say Christ was a sort of magician. Still others call him a humanitarian, interested in human beings, able to help them. Many picture our Lord as an outstanding peacemaker or a nature-lover. Social reformers look to Jesus as their model. Even Communists point to Christ as the perfect leader to overthrow existing governments. The laboring man looks to Christ as his human ideal. But almost without exception such admirers stop short of admitting that Jesus was God.

Where do we fit in among these groups? Is Jesus really God in your thinking and in your living? Like St. Peter we must proclaim Jesus as God, the Son of the Living God. Over and above all Jesus is true God as well as true-Man. That is the central fact of the Bible. That is the central fact of all history. That is the theme of this celebration, this MASS. That is why, like Charles Lamb and his friends, we will still fall on our knees to adore the God-Man on this altar.

#60 A HUMOR ON JESUS’ QUESTION ‘WHO HE IS?’ In one of the Sunday catechism classes, the teacher was busy explaining about the parable of Jesus and asked a question who Jesus is for you? Each one answered, for me JESUS is father, mother, teacher, friend etc. One naughty boy answered, “Jesus is my Grandpa.” There was a hearty laugh in the class. The teacher asked, “Is it because of the beard of Jesus, you say so?” “No, I do not have a father or a mother, for me everything is my grandpa who is so good” replied the boy. Knowing that the boy’s answer came from his experience, the teacher congratulated him.

This third Sunday of September is celebrated as Catechetical Sunday. On the 20th, we have the memorial of St. Andrew Kim and the Korean Martyrs celebrated. The feast of St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist of the 1st century falls on the 21st. He is also Patron saint of the Church’s mission. On the 22nd. We have an optional memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the season of autumn begins. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin.

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie