Today is EASTER SUNDAY, the SOLEMNITY of all solemnities. By rising from the dead, Jesus proved that He was the Christ, the SON of God, and the Holy Redeemer. Before shouting “Alleluia” however, Mary Magdala, Simon Peter, and the other disciples had to deal with some interruptions. They ran to the tomb, and felt bewildered with what they saw. First, the tomb was empty, second the burial cloths and other linens were neatly folded, but the Body of Christ was missing. Some police work and inquiry had to be done first. What an interruption! Let us now consider this:

Jesus was a dutiful son. Mentored by Joseph on the importance of manual labor and earning one’s bread, he made a radical transformation when he started his public ministry at the age of 30; in the process, he gradually understood his mission and eventually formed a vision. He fought for justice and championed the dignity of the downtrodden. Sinners, the poor and the sick found a friend in Him. He became a celebrity of sort, and people exalted Him, saying: “Hosanna to the Son of David!” But Jesus knew that such adulation would not last. Hence, when He embraced the cross and died, his earthly life was interrupted.

Our lives too, are full of interruptions. We are planning one thing, and something else happens. Yet no matter how seemingly undesirable, they could just be our path of redemption. For a beautiful and colorful kite flying above the horizon, breaking its string which initially interrupted its flight, begins its downfall. A meaningful celebration of Easter must be rooted in the belief that our faith in the RISEN LORD is meant to interrupt our selfish pursuits in life. Finding Him alive in our hearts and how He lives in our brothers and sisters could be one great EASTER INTERRUPTION. This is the reason for our happiness today. That is why we celebrate it with white flowers, bright colors, Easter eggs and stirring music. That is also what we mean when we wish HAPPY EASTER to one another. Our faith makes us certain. Every Mass is an Easter celebration. Every Mass is a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. Every Mass is a happy happening. Christ is RISEN. I WILL RISE. Alleluia. Praise the Lord. A happy and a blessed EASTER to every one of you. God bless you all!!!

THE CALL TO STEWARDSHIP: Faith joins individuals and the community of Jesus’ followers in intimacy with the Lord and leads them to live as his disciples. Union with Christ gives rise to a sense of solidarity and common cause between the disciples and the Lord and also among the disciples themselves. After the Holy Week, we celebrate in a special way the Solemn Octave Days of Easter. We call each day as Solemnity of Monday within the Octave of Easter and the other days for Tuesday...etc. By the way, Easter Monday is one of the important feast days of the Blue Sisters of the Holy Spirit. These days are also the novena days for the Feast Day of the Divine Mercy. If you have the available time I request you to participate in this grace-laden novena. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin.

Your Priest – Servant and Parochial Administrator

Fr. Reggie