In our Gospel narrative, we immediately notice the healing miracles that Jesus performed: Simon’s mother in-law who was cured from a fever, those healed from various diseases, and the demons expelled from those who were possessed. However, let us shift our attention to a prior action that was also instrumental in making the miracles happen. Remember that when Jesus entered the house of Simon and Andrew, the disciples immediately told him about the illness that had afflicted Simon’s mother in-law (Mk.1:30). Recall that more often than not, the sick and the possessed persons did not approach the Lord themselves; rather, other people took them to Him (Mk.1:32). This means that the disciples, as well as the people of the whole town, interceded for those who were sick and possessed so that Jesus could reach out to them and lay His healing hands upon them.

TO INTERCEDE is to act like a bridge for someone in difficulty so as to assist him in his time of need. When we intercede for someone, we speak or act in his behalf. For instance, when a young teen-age girl finds it difficult to ask permission from her father to attend a party, she usually seeks the intercession of her mother to persuade the father to grant her permission. A lawyer intercedes for a client and acts as an advocate to represent him in court. The Church intercedes for victims of extra-judicial killings when some priests and nuns preached against a culture of violence and promote a culture of peace. By interceding for people in need, we become instruments of peace, justice and reconciliation.

INTERCESSION can also done by means of our prayers. Jesus Himself interceded for those He healed and served by praying to His Father: “Rising very early before dawn, He left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed (Mk.1:35). Whenever we celebrate Mass, we intercede for the servants of the Church, for our government leaders, the sick, the poor, the oppressed and even our departed loved ones as we pray for them during the prayers of intercession. We ask the intercession of a favorite Saint when we devoutly recite a novena prayer. There are also times when a person approaches us to pray for a particular intention. As we pray to God for this person and his specific need, we make an act of faith that God will grant our petition. Jesus invites you to intercede for someone today. Who is that person in need? How will you intercede for that person? What will be the quality of your intercession? The answer to all these questions depends on you!

This Sunday is World Day for Consecrated Life and Boy Scouting Sunday. Monday is the feast of St. Agatha. The 6th is the memorial of St. Miki and Companions, Martyrs. The 8th is the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking. And the 10th is the memorial of St. Scholastica, Virgin and the twin sister of St. Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine Order and Father of Western Monasticism. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin.

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator.

Fr. Reggie