We are celebrating the most joyous of Christian festivals. After the drama of Holy Week, we are now fully engulfed by the Easter spirit, the Easter mystery. But what precisely is Easter? EASTER is not mere doctrine of the Church about the Lord Jesus Christ. Nor is it just a mere teaching that we must accept? It is not a dogma first and foremost. What is it then? Easter is an EVENT.

Jesus rising from death to life is a true-to-life story. The resurrection is real because it truly happened in history. It was an Event that changed the life of Jesus, the Son of God, forever, and gave him the irreplaceable honor of being known as the One Savior of the world. It was an Event that changed the lives of his followers who, upon being touched by his new life, continued to proclaim his love to all. It is an Event that happens today, that is experienced and felt by those who seek meaning and grace. That is why Easter is full of stories and responses. John’s Gospel shows how people reacted in different ways to the resurrection of Jesus. When Peter entered the tomb, he saw the linen cloths that had covered Jesus’ body and his head. But he had no reaction; he simply left the tomb and went home. However, when John saw the empty tomb and the cloths, his response was much different: “He saw and believed.” Mary Magdalene had a different response. When she saw the empty tomb. Rather than believing, like John, her reaction was very emotional; she became very sad. Even when she saw and talked with two angels, she was sad. In fact, she was so overcome by sadness that when Jesus Himself appeared to her and talked to her, she did not recognize him. She thought he was the gardener. She only recognized that it was Jesus when he called her name: “Mary!” Then she finally believed.

Each of us also comes to faith in a different way. Perhaps some of us are impressed by the words of the Bible. Some of us come closer to God by seeing the example of good Christians. Others may simply feel in their hearts that God is good and loving. However, the way we are called is not all that important. The most important thing is how we are responding now to our call. Are we trying our very best now to grow closer to God? Do we show this by the way we pray? Do we share what we have with others? Are we trying to become more loving? Jesus was on fire with love for God. May we be as zealous as he was about things of God!

After Easter Sunday, we have the Octave of Easter. This whole week we have Solemnities of all the days of the week. At the same time, these days are also novena days for the Divine Mercy Sunday. Remember on Divine Mercy Sunday our main Celebrant for the 3’o clock Mass is Bishop Eduardo Nevares. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin. Happy, Happy Easter to all!!!

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie