The readings today remind us that God created us for a special purpose. All creation is interrelated and intertwined in the mind of God. No one was fashioned for a life of isolation and seclusion. Our relationships define who we are. Relationships give purpose to our lives. Living in right relationships in God’s Kingdom is what Jesus has come to teach us. The Gospel upholds the special bond of man and woman in marriage, which no person can dissolve. Jesus proclaims a teaching that may sound uncomfortable to the people of his time, given to easy divorce as provided by their law, but he continues to insist on God’s plan for successful and faithful married life.

What is DIVORCE? The word comes from the Latin word ‘Divortium’ that is, “a fork on the road.” A moment comes in the life of married people when they suddenly realize the magic and the romance are gone, reality has set in, damages are done and it is time to move on... sadly in separate ways. Like natural disasters that inevitably rock the serenity of the world, there are storms in relationships that threaten the stability and the continuity of human love.

The Church, drawing on the inspiration of Jesus, proclaims the sacredness of the commitment made by man and woman in marriage. Instead of prescribing the easy way out, divorce, the Church invites us to utilize even the tragedies of life to discover anew our commitment to each other. If “killer typhoons” transform strangers into brothers and sisters, maybe it is good to ponder on how “killer situations” can deepen the love, respect and trust of couples in wounded relationships. To uphold the sacredness of marriage over simplistic approach of divorce is to believe in transformation, healing and commitment.

The readings also ask us to discontinue our “divorce” from the other elements of creation that God intended for our happiness. For a long time, we have disrespected nature, which is God’s gift, and our task to preserve and cultivate. Let us pray that our relationship with each other and with the world will not end in divorce but flourish through respect and faithfulness.

#62. A HUMOR ON DIVORCE: On their Golden Wedding Anniversary, the husband was asked if he ever thought of divorcing his loving and sometimes nagging wife throughout all those years. “DIVORCE? NEVER!” he replied. “But murder, many times!” THAT’S THE SPIRIT– ‘SEMPER FIDELIS.’ (that is: Always faithful)

On this Sunday we remember “Respect Life Sunday”. We pray for the end of the slaughter of the Unborn and the conversion of the abortionists in the whole month of October. On the 8th, Columbus Day is observed and it is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. All the other days of the week are optional memorials of Ss. Denis and Companion martyrs, John Leonardi and John XXIII. On the 13th, it is optional memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At this day we are already in our pilgrimage in Lourdes. Please pray for our safe trip as I pray for you in many shrines we will visit. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin. God Bless!

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie