Jesus Christ’s Kingdom was established from the beginning through the mystery of Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection, but the final fulfillment, the perfect form will take place when He comes in glory on Judgment Day. The Kingdom of God, therefore, is said to be “ALREADY HERE” but “NOT YET”. In the ‘interim’ period – between the ‘Christ’s Ascension to heaven’ and his ‘Return in Glory’ at the end of time; - Christ’s followers are not to wait passively, like sitting in an anteroom waiting for its door to open. The challenge is to earnestly continue to establish Christ’s Kingdom here on earth to make of it a better world.

Once there was a good king who ruled his kingdom humbly and wisely. One day he called his four (4) daughters together and told them that he was leaving on a long journey. “In my absence, I leave the Kingdom to the four of you in charge,” he said. The father-king placed a single GRAIN of RICE on each daughter’s palm, then he departed. The Oldest one immediately took it to her room. She tied a long golden thread around the grain of RICE and placed it in a beautiful crystal box. Every day she picked up the box and looked at it. The Second daughter went to her room where she placed the grain of RICE in a wooden box and put it in a secured spot, under her bed. The Third daughter, a very pragmatic woman, looked at the grain of RICE and thought, “This grain of RICE is no different from any other grain of rice, ’’she simply threw the grain of rice away.” And the Youngest daughter took the grain of RICE to her room and wondered about the significance of the GIFT. She wondered for some weeks and after nearly a year had passed, she understood the meaning of the gift.

After a few years, the king returned. He greeted each of his daughters, and then asked to see the gifts he had left them. The oldest rushed to her room and brought the crystal box. “Father,” she began, “I carefully tied a golden thread around the grain of rice and I kept it near my bed where I looked at it every day since you left.” The king accepted the box and said, “Thank you.” The second presented her father with the grain of rice. “All this year I kept the grain secure under my bed,” she said, “Here take it.” The king said, “Thank you.” The third rushed to the kitchen, found a grain of rice, ran back and said, “Father, here is the grain of rice. The king, smilingly, accepted the grain of rice and said, “Thank you.” Finally, the youngest one stepped before her father and spoke; “I do not have the grain of rice that you gave me,” she said. “What then did you with it?” the king asked. “Father, I thought about the grain of rice for nearly a year before I discovered the meaning of the gift. I realized the grain of rice was a SEED so I planted it in the ground. Soon it grew and from it I harvested other seeds and then I planted all the seeds, again I harvested a crop. Father, I have continued to do this, look at the result. The KING followed his daughter to the window where he looked out and saw an enormous crop of rice stretching as far as the eye could see. There was enough rice to feed their entire kingdom. Stepping before her daughter, the king took off his golden crown and placed it on her head. “You have learned the meaning of the seed,” he said softly. From that day on, the youngest daughter ruled the kingdom long, wisely and humbly.

As the story conveys, there is a message for us: “We are not to sit around and hope our KING will get the work done all on his own. We are called to be COOPERATORS and to be CO-BUILDERS of his KINGDOM. When the KING returns, he will demand of us an accounting of our STEWARDSHIP. Now, the question is: HAVE WE DONE OUR HOMEWORK??? God Bless!

#154. THE ‘TRUE MEANING’ OF CELEBRATING “CHRIST THE KING FEASTDAY” INTO OUR WAY OF CHRISTIAN LIVING. This is what we celebrate on this final Sunday of the Liturgical Year ‘C’. We celebrate the fact that Jesus, the KING of KINGS; the LORD of LORDS; grows larger and larger with each step in the passing parade of history. We celebrate the fact that Jesus is the KING of KINGS not only because of who He is, the SON of GOD, but also because of what He did. He died for us; He redeemed us. He reunited with God. We celebrate the fact that Jesus is the KING of KINGS because He gave us everything He had. “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (Jn. 15:13)

This Week, on the 21st, we have the Memorial of the Presentation of the BVM. On the 22nd, we have the feast day of St. Cecilia, Virgin, Martyr and patroness of sacred music because of the song of God in her heart. On the 23rd, we have the optional memorials of many saints: St. Clement I, Pope (4th Bishop of Rome) St. Columban, Abbot and Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, Priest, Martyr and famous exclaiming “Long Live Christ the King”. On the 24th, we have the feast of St. Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest and Companions, all Martyrs. For USA, it is Thanksgiving Day. On the 25th, we celebrate the feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin, Martyr and patroness of philosophers, preachers, librarians and young unmarried women. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin.

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie