Youth Ministry

What Is Catholic Discipleship?

Catholic discipleship refers to a committed approach to living a Christian life within the Catholic Church. The term generally applied to Catholics who sincerely attempt to live according to the instructions provided by Jesus in the New Testament. The U.S. Catholic bishops have described disciples as those who "make a conscious, firm decision, carried out in action, to be followers of Jesus Christ no matter the cost to themselves."

“527 It brings about filial adoption so that men become Christ's brethren, as Jesus himself called his disciples after his Resurrection: "Go and tell my brethren."528 We are brethren not by nature, but by the gift of grace, because that adoptive filiation gains us a real share in the life of the only Son, which was fully revealed in his Resurrection.” –CCC

“1248-2 The catechumenate is to be "a formation in the whole Christian life . . . during which the disciples will be joined to Christ their teacher.” –CCC

Conscious Choice:

One of the characteristics of Catholic discipleship is that it requires a conscious choice about pursuing a Christian life. Therefore, it is a commitment that involves more than merely attending Mass and other Catholic observances in a passive manner. The Catholic who demonstrates discipleship exercises discipline in pursuing spiritual observances -- such as prayer or fasting -- as well as good works. Indeed, all aspects of the Christian life are to be performed with a sense of purpose.

The Three Pillars of St. Joseph’s Youth Ministry:

Spiritual: Living a life with the Holy Spirit through daily prayer, the Sacraments and the inspiration of Mary and the saints.

Fellowship: Living the day-to-day life of charity as men and women of faith; building genuine relationships, working, offering one’s talents and sharing all aspects of daily life.

Intellectual: to deepen our knowledge and understanding of key aspects of the Church’s teachings and to articulate them in the context of modern culture so as to inspire others to live the Gospel.

  • With a conscious choice and with the three pillars, I believe that our youth ministry will be able to advance to the persons that our Lord made us to be. To expand in our understanding and belief of the church’s teaching and through the Gospel’s words that reign true till this day. My goal is to show our teens that they too can be and are Young DISCIPLES; of Christ.