May 20, 2018

Bill was two years older than his brother Joe. They loved the woods and the lakes surrounding their small town in upper Michigan. That is the main reason for admiring Phil, a bachelor as they grew up. He was an expert hunter and fisherman. Uncle Phil often gave his nephews gifts which they always used for outdoors, like a compass, a flashlight and many others.

Today, we celebrate Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit gave each one of us who have been confirmed, seven precious gifts, which we call the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Uncle Phil’s gifts to Bill and Joe were always useful for their outdoor life. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are even more necessary and useful for our spiritual life. What are these Gifts and how can we use them? All of them are spiritual gifts and powers that can help our spirits and our souls.

WISDOM is that gift which helps us raise our minds above the passing things of this earth to the things that never pass away, the things eternal.

UNDERSTANDING is a gift like a divine flashlight. It throws a search light on the truths God has made known to.

COUNSEL is like a divine compass. In the problems and uncertainties of life the Holy Spirit help us know what works best for the glory of God, the saving of souls and the souls of our neighbors.

FORTITUDE means courage. The Holy Spirit gives the spiritual courage needed to keep the laws of God and of his Church. The martyrs are the best examples of this gift and its use.

KNOWLEDGE is that gift which helps us judge correctly regarding created things. It helps us use information correctly. It puts them in the right order.

PIETY means the love and devotion of a child to his father. As a gift of the Holy Spirit it helps us to honor and love God as our Father.

RIGHT JUDGMENT is a gift that helps dread to offend God. It is that holy fear of offending God, who loves us. As Scriptures says: “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of true wisdom.

Today we are happy because the Holy Spirit has given us all these holy helps. We are glad to receive these gifts of the Holy Spirit that help us in our life with God especially in this modern times where a lots of evils tempt every person.

#43 A JOKE FOR PENTECOST: Pentecost means fifty days after the resurrection of the Lord. It is also considered the birthday of the Church because on this day the first Christians went around the world to spread the Good News of salvation. The Pastor of the Parish of the Sacred Heart announced to the congregation: “After the Mass today, being the birthday of the Church, we will gather in building 590 to celebrate the birthday of our Savior." A little girl whispered to her Mother, “Mom, how many candles will God blow out on his birthday cake?”

This Monday begins the 7th Week in Ordinary Time. It means we go back to the Green color of our vestments, altar covers, banners and some decorations at the sanctuary. The others days of the week are all optional memorials of many saints like Ss. Rita of Cascia on the 22nd, Bede the Venerable, Gregory VII and Magdalene de’ Pazzi. The 26th is the memorial of St. Philip Neri. This is all for now, watch for the next bulletin. God Bless!

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie