Aug 3, 2018

During the Spanish Civil War a severely wounded soldier was brought back to the field hospital. There was a good chance for his recovery, except that he would not eat. The nurses and the nuns tried everything but he refused all food. One of his buddies realized that his pal was homesick, so he offered to go to the wounded man’s home and bring his father. He reached his friend’s home and explained the situation. His father got ready to go while his mother wrapped up a loaf of bread for her son. The patient was happy to see his father but he still would not eat until his father said: “Son, here is some bread your mother baked.” The soldier-son brightened: “Oh, bread made by my mother. Give me some.” He was soon on the road to recovery.

You and I are in that story. We have been wounded in the battle of life, by sin, by forgetfulness of God, and by the troubles and trials and pains of everyday life. We lost our taste for food that will strengthen our souls. Then we hear Jesus in today’s Gospel: “My Father gives you the real Heavenly Bread. God’s Bread comes down from Heaven and gives life to the world.”

Just as the father in our story said to his son: “Here is some bread your mother made,” so your priest, in the name of Christ, says to you: “Here is some Bread your Heavenly Father made.” Holy Communion is Bread from our Heavenly home. It gives us life, true life and God’s life. It gives spiritual healing, spiritual health and spiritual strength. There is nothing magic about mother’s bread, unless one feels that love is magic, which it really is. From experience at home our wounded soldier knew how love was the main ingredient when his mother baked bread. Just so, we followers of Christ know what love went into the very idea of Holy Communion, into the bringing of his heavenly Bread right here this very hour.

Holy Communion is many things and many things. Today, I suggest we think of the Heavenly Bread as a medicine for a sick soul, as nourishment for a wounded spirit, and as light and strength for a weary mind. All of us can experience what the wounded soldier in our story experienced if we keep in mind that Holy Communion is Bread from Home – from our Heavenly Home.

#54. A FUNNY JOKE ON DAILY COMMUNION: One day, God decided to personally scrutinize the souls wanting to enter Heaven. He gave an unusual requirement for them to enter Paradise only those who can make Him LAUGH with a funny Joke will be allowed to enter. At this, each soul paused for a while to think of a joke that can make God laugh. However, one of the souls, Rizza the Righteous, walked towards God with arrogance. “God Almighty,” she addressed God quite sternly, “I should not be included in this silly game.” “And why not?” the booming voice of God asked. “Have you forgotten?” Rizza the Righteous answered. “While on earth, I loved you with all my whole heart and soul. I received Holy Communion daily. I was almost a canonized saint. I lived a very holy life. O God, you know how much I love you – I love you very much!” Hearing this, God laughed and laughed and laughed. WHAT A JOKE!

This week, on the 6th, it is the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. On the 8th, the memorial of St. Dominic, Founder of the Order of Preachers is celebrated. The 10th, is the feast day of St. Lawrence, one of the most venerated martyrs of the early Church. And on the 11th, the memorial of St. Clare of Assisi, the founder of the Poor Clare’s Sisters is celebrated. This is for now, watch for the next bulletin. God Bless!

Your Priest-Servant and Parochial Administrator,

Fr. Reggie